Just blend it.

Your hair is not the same from day to day - or from roots to ends.

Our new revolutionary range allows you to easily customize your treatment every day by using one or more of our Serum Infusions: Volume, Hydrating and Smoothing.

To quickly get the effect you want, just add a pump or two into our Essential Cleanse shampoo or Prime Condition rinse. You can even use the same Serum Infusions as a leave-in for added intensity before blow-drying and styling.


The magic of our Serum Infusions.




Our ESSENTIAL CLEANSE shampoo and PRIME CONDITION rinse have been developed using cutting edge technology to bring you environmentally clean, cruelty-free products with a focus on performance and outstanding results.

They are suitable for all hair types and are the foundation of the Martinsson King range.

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Our SMOOTHING, VOLUME and HYDRATING infusions customize the treatment right there in the palm of your hand.  Simply combine with Essential Cleanse or Prime Condition to create exactly what your hair needs!

All our infusions also work as ‘leave-in’ serums for added intensity before blow-drying and styling.

Stay updated on when we launch!

All our products are paraben & sulphate free, color safe, heat & style protecting, environmentally conscious and cruelty free.