Be the true you.

Introducing the world's first modular hair care line.

Created by David Glover. Launching fall 2017.


Built by you.


We want to make sure that we only create solutions that you need, that effectively help you and your hair.

This is why we created our Founders Club, a gathering of hundreds of style-conscious members around the world who help us co-create, test and improve all our products.

The fee for the first year is $100 USD. As a member you get all our launch products free, before anyone else. You also get exiting samples of fragrance and new products. Check here for all the benefits.

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Our philosophy

Join the journey. Be the true you.

Some of our fabulous Founders Club members.


As Coco Chanel once said: “A woman who cuts her hair is a woman who is about to change her life.”

Your hair is one of your most immediate ways of expression, your declaration of independence. It represents identity, strength and a personal vision of beauty. A compliment about your hair is a compliment to the individual you are.

We understand the importance of hair and the complexity of beauty. We create dynamic solutions for people who believe that smart is beautiful, that style is one of the purest statements of our beliefs.

For us, there are no compromises. Our products are created with you, the individual, in mind.

We connect directly with each user to understand your needs. We develop professional-level solutions that are easy to adapt and we only use approved sustainable ingredients. No toxic additives. No "green-washing" with mysterious miracle extracts. Just great products that are good for you, for your hair and for the environment.

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